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Dirt n Dust isn't just another rally and its much more than just a dirty week away.

Each year approximately 1-in-5 Australians will experience a mental illness and in order to help future generations of young Australians, we need to look ahead through research and wrap around services and find out how we can prevent this type of illness occurring and support those in need. You are also helping support many other programs in the South West of Australia through South Bunbury Rotary.

Please help to lift the lid on Mental Health and make a difference, and by sponsoring me, you are helping to change the world.

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Dirt N Dust

Tuesday 1st Nov
Hi guys
Melissa and I have decided we are going to do the dirt n dust rally next year and need to raise some much needed funds for mental health. Basically it’s a week in a old bunky on dirt roads 1 driver 1 navigator 😆what could possibly go wrong 😬!!! Hopefully nothing but fun and great company and a lot of laughs, any small amount of donations is welcome 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bornatici Brudda And Fam

Looks like fun xx


Jamie King

Give it a red hot crack 🤪👍


Cathy Mott

You the best Lea


Leanne Bornatici